How To Save Money On Your Diesel Spend And Manage Your Fleet Data At The Same Time

February 21st, 2013

How A Fuel Card For Business Can Work For You

Essentially a Fuel Card works like any other credit card, but with the added customization you need to run your fleet of vehicles. You can customize your cards to fit your unique business needs. You can also set purchase controls such as fuel grade, transactions per day and gallons per transaction and can prevent non-fuel purchases and take control of your expenses.

Why Do You Need a Fuel Card?

A Forecourt Fuels Fuel Card will help you manage your company’s fuel and maintenance expenses, save you time and money and give you the controls you need to run your business. You can even make extra savings with our Save 3pence Per Litre Guarantee.
Fuel cards for business give you accurate purchase control, and a comprehensive detailed report showing purchases by driver or vehicle and miles per gallon and nationwide fuel and maintenance locations.

How You Can Take Control With A Company Fuel Card

You can restrict purchases to fuel-only or fuel and maintenance and prevent random purchases by limiting your cards to “fuel purchases only”. You can also track purchases by driver and or vehicle, as well as this you can limit purchases, require driver or vehicle codes for every purchase to minimize fraud, and also set spending and usage limits for each card by day, week or cycle.

Take Control With Fuel Card Reporting

Forecourt Fuels have their own bespoke online account management called “Velocity” which has all of the above features plus several more and is available to all clients completely free of charge.
With the vast majority of companies now using the internet as an integral part of running their business, it’s vital that your fuel card supplier is able to offer these facilities (especially in the case of larger fleets) to ensure your account runs smoothly and efficiently.
Below are just some of the features offered on Velocity.
•    View transactions on your account, both historically and new, uninvoiced ones
•    Organise individual cards into cost centres for accounting purposes
•    Run MPG reports
•    Gain snapshots of MPG fuel usage patterns either individually or collectively
•    Stop any existing cards promptly and reliably, especially in the event of loss or theft
•    Order additional cards for any new vehicles or employees
•    Download or view historical invoices for your account
•    Update account information such as contact details etc.

Did you know we can save you a guaranteed 3 pence per litre on diesel pump prices when using one of our fuel cards?  

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