Motorists are being encouraged to contribute to the UK Road Accident Map in order to campaign for safer roads.

February 26th, 2013

Britain boasts one of the best road safety records in the world, however there are still six deaths on UK roads every day, hardly a record worth shouting about. Clearly, there is still a lot to do to improve the safety of our roads and so, to highlight the changes that need to be made, Osbornes Solicitors have created a UK Road Accident Map.accident-map

Featuring data from the Governments 2011 road accident dataset, the Map plots details of road accidents throughout the country, allowing visitors to view how many, and what type of incidents are occurring where. To view information around traffic collisions in your local area, simple enter a postcode or click on a region and zoom to view details.

The creation of this interactive map which plots accidents on UK roads is call for motorists and cyclists to contribute to its database in order to improve road safety.

Motorists are being encouraged to enter details of accidents in which they’ve been involved into the UK Road Accident Map, which also includes information taken from the Government’s 2011 Road Safety Accident dataset.

The Map, which was designed by Osbornes Solicitors and is free to view, lets you filter results according to severity of accident as well as type of vehicle and the weather conditions.

The idea is that the data can reveal information about accident blackspots, which can then be used to campaign for improved road safety in these areas.

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