Forecourt Fuels Top 10 Motoring Apps for Fleet Drivers

March 15th, 2013

Mobile phone technology has advanced beyond all recognition in recent years, and there is nothing that you cannot find out or obtain from one. In fact, if you own an iPhone or Smart Phone, you’ll be able to obtain plenty of handy apps to make life that little bit easier and enjoyable.

There are plenty of motoring apps available to download on your mobile phone to ensure that you have permanent access to up to date information wherever you go, here are the Forecourt Fuel Cards top ten apps to improve driving, save money and make life as a fleet driver easier.

1. DriveGain

This is a great little app that helps you save fuel – and therefore money – while you’re driving. You get audio and visual feedback on the changes you make to your driving style in order to improve efficiency. According to data from DriveGain app users, driving at 60mph instead of 70 could improve fuel consumption by 10% and only add two minutes to journey times.

Available from: Apple App Store • Price: Free

2. RAC Traffic and RAC Traffic+

This comprehensive traffic information app is displayed on a great interactive map that gives you real-time road works, incident and traffic information, highlighting the differing degrees of severity, too. The Traffic+ version adds a route planner, route optimisation and a step-by-step itinerary: all valuable stuff.

Available from: Apple App Store, Google Play for Android • Price: Traffic – free, Traffic+ – 69p

3. Torque Pro

Torque Pro is an OBD – or on board diagnostic – tool that can read real time data from your car, such as rpm, speed, 0-62mph time and engine temperature, through its Bluetooth interface. You can even clear fault codes if you’re the inquisitive home mechanic type. If you’re not however, maybe it’s best to leave that sort of thing to a qualified mechanic.

Available from: Google Play for Android • Price: £2.95

4. iCarPark

Do you struggle to remember where you parked your car? Fear not, iCarPark is here to help. With one press of a button, this handy app logs your location so it can navigate you back to your car later – it’ll even remember levels and individual spaces, so multi-stories aren’t a problem either.

Available from: Apple App Store • Price: 59p

5. Ordnance Survey GB Road Atlas

Sat navs are all well and good, but you should always keep a map just in case. The Ordnance Survey app gives clear road mapping without the need for a difficult to manage sheet of paper. Folding is a thing of the past here, just make sure you’ve got enough battery on your phone. It’s good for planning walks along your route, too.

Available from: Apple App Store, Google Play for Android • Price: Free

6. TomTom

The TomTom smartphone app perfectly replicates the route guidance you get from one of its standalone devices, with an intuitive interface and directions that are easy to follow. Compared to some apps in our list it’s expensive, but next to a standard sat nav, it’s actually something of a bargain. There’s UK and Ireland and European versions for those holidays abroad, too.

Available from: Apple App Store • Price: £27.49

7. Vlingo Virtual Assistant

You can turn your car into the highest-spec BMW, Mercedes or Audi around with this app. Vlingo is a voice activated assistant for iPhone 3Gs and 4 that lets you dial numbers, integrate with Facebook and Twitter, as well as composing text messages, inputting directions and receiving spoken instructions through its voice recognition software. And it’s free!

Available from: Apple App Store • Price: Free

8. Witness Driving

Apps like this are already big in America. Witness Driving turns your mobile into a video camera to record footage of any incidents you might have on the road. It clamps to the dashboard and automatically saves material that could be used as evidence in an insurance claim, clearing you of any wrongdoing. It’ll also prompt you on what to do if you’re involved in a collision.

Available from: Apple App Store, Google Play for Android • Price: 69p

9. GloveBox

This app is a wonderfully simple way of keeping all your info in one easy to access and easy to modify directory. Forget the sheaves of paper for tax, insurance and MOT reminders, GloveBox logs your car’s data (you can store more than one car’s worth of info, too) and alerts you when there’s a significant event due in your car’s life, such as an annual service or even when your driving licence expires.

Available from: Apple App Store • Price: 69p

10. JamCam

Take a guess what this app is all about? That’s right, JamCam will provide you live traffic camera feeds for over 105 of the UK’s busiest motorways and A roads, as well as all of London’s street cameras. It’ll help you find out when you need to take that diversion to avoid congestion on your route. The pictures should be pretty reliable too, as they’re provided by the Highways Agency and Transport for London.

Available from: Google Play for Android • Price: £1.49

Please remember, it is illegal to use a mobile phone held in the hand while driving or while stopped with the engine on. If you break this law, you could face a fine of £60 and three penalty points on your licence.

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