Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Minimum Usage Requirements Once I Have a Fuel Card?

Absolutely not! Once you have an account, you can go on to use the card as much or as little as you wish (although we do ask that you have an average potential spend of at least £200 per month before applying).


Can I Apply For a Fuel Card Account as a Private Individual?

Yes, we deal with both individuals and businesses alike, again, subject to a minimum monthly spend of £200 per month.


How Exactly do Fuel Cards Work Then?

It's simple – a Fuel Card looks and works in a similar way to a credit card but with a few fundamental differences. Firstly, it is usually restricted to only allow the purchase of diesel/fuel (though some cards can be set up to allow purchases of non fuel related items if required); secondly, when it is used to make a purchase, both the vehicle registration (compulsory) and mileage (optional) are recorded against the respective transactions. Finally, your Fuel Card invoice also doubles up as a fuel management report, showing date/time/place of each sale, registration number (and mileage if required) of the vehicle collecting the fuel and of course how much was drawn. It will also then go on to separate the VAT element of all transactions for you.


Which Garages Accept the Cards?

Though each Fuel Card is different in terms of the site network it provides, our Fuel Cards offer access to more than 6500 service stations across the UK.


I Just Pay For My Fuel And Get a Receipt So How Exactly Is a Fuel Card Going to Benefit Me?

Well firstly, compared to cash or a credit card, a Fuel Card is far more secure because the purchase restrictions can guarantee that only fuel is being bought by your drivers. Also, the management reports we provide will both instantly eliminate the administrative burden of entering individual fuel receipts into your books (not to mention that you will never fail to reclaim VAT due to a lost receipt again) and make purchase control easier because you can see at a glance what each vehicle/driver is using. And last but certainly not least, a number of our Fuel Cards provide fuel at commercial rates, creating significant savings compared to pump prices as well!


I Have An Account At a Local Garage – How Can a Fuel Card Help Me?

Once again, potentially there are a number of ways in which you could benefit. A Fuel Card is more flexible in that it can be used not just at one garage but at service stations all over the UK. Additionally, if your local garage currently holds a deposit for the account, a fuel card will free up this cash because we provide a full credit facility. Finally, the cost of fuel on our commercial Fuel Cards can enable you to make significant savings against pump prices.


I Already Have a Fuel Card So What Can Your Cards Do For Me?

There are many reasons why it is worth speaking to us – we may be able to offer improved site coverage, lower prices, better fuel management facilities, longer credit terms or any number of these things. Why not give us a call and find out exactly how we can help?


What Credit Terms Do You Offer With Your Cards?

We can provide both weekly and monthly credit terms on most of our fuel cards, though the exact terms vary slightly from card to card. Please contact us for more details.


Can I Have More Than One Type of Fuel Card With You?

Of course, with our new UK PLUS account multiple cards can even be consolidated under just the one invoice


Do You Provide Fuel Cards For Use In Europe?

Absolutely. To find out more about our EDC Fuel Card visit