Why Forecourt Fuel Cards?

If your business spends over £350 per month on diesel and petrol and are currently paying pump prices, Forecourt Fuels can guarantee to save you a minimum of three pence per litre off your diesel costs* and two pence per litre off unleaded petrol through our unique Fuel Card Price Guarantee. *

Savings based on national average pump prices as supplied by the Petrol Prices website.

No other fuel card supplier guarantees savings off pump prices so why look any further if you need a fuel card account for your vehicle fleet? Discover how much you can save by using our Fuel Card Calculator

With a choice of fuel networks and over 6500 service stations across the UK, your vehicles are never far away from a site that accepts one of our Fuel cards. You can even create your own bespoke site network with our UK Plus account.

To find out exactly which outlets accept our cards, please visit the Service Station Locator to discover which fuel card best suits your needs.

In addition to great fuel prices and comprehensive site networks, you can also guarantee you will never pay any fuel card transaction fees, or low / non usage charges.

When you open your free fuel card account with Forecourt Fuels, you can also take advantage of our award winning, state of the art online management tool “Velocity” which allows you to run and download a variety of reports to help keep you in control of your fleet.

For more information and help with ensuring you choose the best option for your business, download our free fuel card report which offers tips and advice on all the things you need to look out for. If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail with one of our friendly team, please give us a call free of charge on 0844 576 0736


Recent Fuel Cards News

High petrol prices? Here are the Forecourt Fuel Cards top ten ways to save money on fuel. - 16/05/2013

These tips will save you money on fuel, improve your fuel consumption and will reduce the number of miles you put on your vehicle. 1. Get a Fuel Card (we would say that obviously!) But just look at the benefits of fuel cards….. It might seem easy to just keep using credit cards or cash to keep paying for fuel, and then process the receipts from your drivers. But fuel cards offer a range of benefits for you and your drivers. The main fuel card benefits are: • A simple payment solution for drivers – they don’t have to pay upfront for fuel, or worry about keeping receipts, as all transactions are recorded online. • Powerful online management and reporting tools – you will be able to view all your transactions through fuel man...

Fuel Prices At Motorway Service Stations To Show Prices Roadside - 14/05/2013

Service stations on Britain’s motorways could be forced to display prices of cheaper rivals, under plans being looked at in Downing Street. The new 10 Downing Street policy unit is considering ways of bringing down costs at the stations - which average 7.5p higher than elsewhere for petrol and 8p for diesel. The scheme is the first major idea from the unit since Boris Johnson's brother Jo was brought in as its new chief. Options now being considered include introducing a rule that prices have to be visible on the motorway, rather than just when drivers reach the forecourt. Highways Agency signs showing distances to the next service station could be adapted to feature their current fuel rates. Another possibility is to copy th...

Fleet drivers are warned their sat nav could be a potential security risk - 10/05/2013

Motorists including fleet drivers are being warned to keep not to save their home address into their sat nav system after a spate of thefts by criminals using the in-car technology to find an owner’s home and burgle their house. The warning comes from TRACKER, which says that criminals are targeting long-term car parks, knowing that it could be hours before a driver misses their stolen car. Thieves then use the sat nav or GPS system to find the destination marked “home” and burgle the house, often taking a second vehicle, using the keys found in the home. Stuart Chapman, TRACKER police relationship manager, said: ‘UK police do regular examinations of sat nav systems to gather evidence on criminals, but now thieves are using the same m...

Audi’s new Connect service can show the nearest petrol stations and prices - 08/05/2013

The latest Audi A3 will be the first model to get an in-car display of local fuel stations along with their prices. Audi Connect comes as part of an enhanced version of the ‘Mobile phone preparation – High with Audi connect’ option. However, the new technology can’t be retro-fitted to existing cars, only added to new models. It will eventually be rolled out to the majority of models this year, including the A4, with the TT and R8 models fitted with it at a later date. The system works by checking an online database to list the cheapest forecourts in real time, at the driver’s destination or at a location of their choice. It will even take in to account the type of fuel needed, whether it be petrol or diesel. The driver can then pri...

Changing lanes safely when you're driving on the motorway - 07/05/2013

Have you ever been on the motorway and witnessed people behaving badly with regards to lane discipline? Peter Rodger, chief examiner with road safety charity the IAM, says: It is especially important to check all of your mirrors regularly when on the motorway, particularly before making any manoeuvre or lane change. Signal early to give other road users time to react before you make a move – many people will be happy to let you out if given enough warning. Change lanes gradually. Don't expect or force other drivers to move out of your way. Don't compromise your safe following distance when changing lanes. Always look out for other cars aiming to move into the same space as you from another lane. Never get in the way of other ...

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